At the top of the TGC ethos is our commitment to being as environmentally friendly as possible.

*Travelling: When in London zone 1-3, it’s the real deal. We trek to/from our events by bike carrying EVERYTHING by pedal power (up to 125x serves per bicycle)

*Paper straws: Made from Eco Kraft Biodegradable paper. NEVER plastic.

*Hi Balls: Across our site and social media you’ll see many photos of our Polypropylene Slim Jim Tumblers…as we can’t carry multitudes of glass in our bicycle baskets, we’ve opted for the next best thing. Although mainly plastic, they are reusable (washable up to 25 times). We do this to the max and then they get recycled, but we’re fully aware of the impact plastic is having on the world. It’s not perfect and we’re constantly evaluating.


It all started when…

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