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After meeting in New York last week and reliving the successes of our pop-up at Abbey Road, for the New York Knicks London event, I was delighted to discuss further potential in collaborating with Squarespace. 

The Travelling Gin Co. (TGC) highly endorses your digital services and features and are very proud to recommend you for web site building here in the UK and further afield.

It came to my attention that not only being a customer of yours would make the sponsorship work effectively, but also aesthetically our branding, profile and target audiences go beautifully, hand-in-hand.

I wanted to propose a sponsorship deal, where Squarespace would inject money in to our small business setup in London (a popular territory that I am aware you are keen to grow in), backing your own rep, to help them be in more locations at any one-time, all whilst promoting your brand through logo representation on our signature bicycle bar signs.

The signage catches the eye of not only direct guests at the actual events, but also en-route to/from the functions. 

Frequently travelling across central London grabbing the attention of passers by & tourists alike. Many photos are taken of us at traffic lights, all in the same vein as your advertising on NYC yellow taxis!

Although this would be on a smaller scale, we fully engage with our customers on a personal level whilst serving the cocktails for several hours; always carrying deep and detailed conversation in to our business background. 

Having Squarespace back the TGC would make for an excellent talking point - our web site is continually receiving positive feedback on design and efficiency