This Thursday in London @UCL


December 1st 6-9pm [map] @ UCL Petrie Museum Of Egyptian Archaeology.

FREE late night event in central London. Come find your inner explorer!

Join us at the Petrie for an evening of adventure with talks and discussions on what it’s like to be an adventurer both in the past and now – with themed cocktails (by US!...see our menu below) live music and an adventurous soundtrack. 

A free event, but you must book in advance: please go to




Orgeat Traveller Collins

Light Rum OR Gin, Fresh Lemon Juice, TGC ‘Orgeat’ Syrup, Cointreau Triple-Sec Liqueur w/soda top.

Thyme Bramble

London Dry Gin, Creme De Mure Blackberry Liqueur, Lemon + Thyme Garnish.

+ soft drink variations.


Orgeat is a full of fascinating flavours...

The word originates from the Latin “Hordeaceus”, which means to be made with Barley, but it has become a widely popular cocktail ingredient, most heavily developed by the French, who used almonds rather than the original barley-almond blend for the base - this generates for a much nuttier oil packed with sweetness and with floral fragrance coming from the rose water infusion. 

As well as in France, over the years there have been many variations of this syrup travelled and picked up on across the world with each country having its own unique spin and best way to sip! 

It is a very popular ingredient in Cyprus, Italy, Libya, Suriname & Tunisia. 

A key part to the now classic summer cocktail the  ‘Mai Tai’, here is our London variation, paying tribute to these flavours being so well travelled, explored and interpreted. 

Our TGC Orgeat adds orange peel, to provide balanced citrus notes and tie in the inclusion of the cointreau liqueur.