Today is one the highlights of the year. Pancake Day.

Here is our ultimate serve in liquid form. A good double shot of London Dry Gin would work very nicely at the base too, but we're really into this chilled Japanese Sake by Akashi-Tasi - Honjozo Genshu (click the pic to buy from our affiiliates Master Of Malt).

It's packed with flavour but not dominating and combines perfectly with the pancake inspired toppings.


50ml Sake.
4-5 Blueberries.
10ml Maple Syrup.
10ml Lemon Juice.
15ml Banana Liqueur.

Shake all ingredients together in a cocktail shaker on ice. Strain. No garnish.

We like the speckled blueberry look & taste, but if you want it clearer, simply double/triple strain.