Buck's Blood.

We're cycling to the Asylum Chapel tomorrow for our first wedding service of 2018. To commemorate this we've come up with a new Spring tipple based on the ultimate celebratory mimosa (or morning antidote) - the Buck's Fizz.

Invented in 1921 by Malachy McGarry at Buck's Club in Mayfair, London (18 Clifford St to be precise and it's still going strong http://www.bucksclub.co.uk/).

2 parts Champagne | 1 part orange juice.

Unlike the Parisian variation that followed a few years later the Mimosa (equal parts fizz + juice) we're sticking to the platform of the London original using seasonal Blood Oranges, a dry sparkling wine and just a dash (5ml) of Crème à la Fraise 'Wild Strawberry' liqueur 


50ml Fresh Blood Orange Juice

5ml Crème à la Fraise Liqueur

100ml Sparkling Wine

Garnish: Blood Orange Slice + Rosemary