Aperol + Rhubarb Cobbler.

You will no doubt of noticed that we've been enjoying Rhubarb recently. This however is the final cocktail instalment involving the pink stalks this season.


We have to admit, this cobbler takes huge inspiration from the geniuses over at Bar Termini Centrale.

Their Spritz is the first time we've witnessed the primary combination of Aperol with Rhubarb and it is the perfect match.

We've infused a bottle of Beefeater London Dry with fresh cut rhubarb and a sprinkle of sugar. It still has a spritz top (prosecco + soda), but we've gone for crushed/small cobbled ice. There is plenty of talk on what truly makes a cobbler cocktail over on the Diffords Guide.

They traditionally are sherry based, so we've already broken a rule here. We have kept with the signature Peach Bitters to finish, to keep on theme.

Finally, shaking is most often the process, which you can still do effectively here, but we feel a slow stir all the way through layering in your ingredients provides the best dilution.



Aperol + Rhubarb Cobbler.

25ml Rhubarb infused Gin
10ml Lemon Juice
15ml Aperol
Prosecco splash
Soda splash
3 dashes of Peach Bitters
No garnish.

Fill a tall glass with crushed ice and layer in your ingredients constantly stirring as you go. The Prosecco and Soda Water can be added as per your spritzing preference.