Apple Bramble.

If you've followed the TGC for a while you'll have picked up by now that we're big fans of Brambles. Like a Tom Collins you can stick, spin or twist them in almost unlimited manners. They're a make up of spirit, citrus juice, sugar and a berry flavoured liqueur.

Brambles are traditionally blackberry and here we are sticking to those traditions. So a good Crème Du Mûre is a must. We go to the Edmond Briottet range. They provide the full spectrum of fruit liqueurs and macerate their main ingredient first & then finish with sugar to sweeten.  This provides a distinctly more natural flavour.

Now, here comes the twist. If you've ever made a good crumble for pudding, you'll know that blackberry pairs extremely well with apple. You could always use a splash of apple juice, but we like to make things a bit boozier (and sharp), so 10ml of Cider Brandy (Somerset Apple Eau De Vie) is mixed in too. This brandy over e.g. another (apple) liqueur, keeps the sugar content down and allows for the fruits themselves to shine.


Additional syrup in this Bramble is definitely optional, but try adding half a vanilla pod to a simple sugar syrup. Again, you only need 10ml. 

Finally, we serve this variation long, rather than the short, cobbler style Bramble found in most cocktail bars (as based on Dick Bradsell's invention at Fred's Club, Soho in 1984)

This may seem a lot of ingredients and preparation, but the results are wonderful and of course all the bottles, liqueurs and syrup keep well in your cupboard.


25ml London Dry Gin

10ml Lemon Juice

10ml Vanilla Syrup

10ml Somerset Cider Brandy

15ml Creme De Mure Liqueur

Soda Water splash (optional)

Garnish: Blackberry


Layer in a hi-ball, stir and garnish.