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You can find one of London's top venues at an old converted furniture shop just off of Coldharbour Lane SW9.

Spread over two floors, Brixton East is the ideal party venue & for us, the TGC, it's perfect to bring our bikes for cocktails in summer by the opening front doors and/or much more options upstairs (there is a bar station we can operate, for wider menu choices into the night).

Here are a few snaps from Carla & Cristobal's wedding day last year...with plenty of good Pisco on the go!

What Will We Be Drinking in 2016?

Distributors of the most weird & wonderful drinks on the planet Master Of Malt are nicely re-stocked today with cases of our TGC x Ebeltoft Tonic Water .

Delivery available to the majority of the world and guaranteed next day to those in the UK.

Speaking of our tasty tonic, it featured in The Independent's recent article 'What Will We Be Drinking 2016?'.  A look at the year ahead, selecting top choices for the more adventurous drinkers.

The amount of high quality mixers has grown dramatically in recent months to coincide with the new spirits boom. Our Danish produced Tonic with Ebeltoft Farm Brewery provides a completely different G&T experience with Jamaica Pepper, Lemongrass, plenty of citrus juice (lemon, lime AND orange), plus a hint of organic cane sugar, to allow for a much drier finish.



A nice shout out to our friends at The Ethicurean too, on their outstanding Somerset made Vermouth The Collector.


Our bicycle baskets will have plenty of new products available at upcoming events.

It's shaping up to be an exciting 2016.