I would like to enquire for your sponsor in -

  • Placing Squarespace logo on all TGC bicycle bar signage 

  • Menu board hashtag #poweredbysquarespace at all events

  • Social media hashtag #poweredbysquarespace on all postings

  • Designated web site page highlighting the relationship @

  • TGC business cards with hashtag/squarespace logo info

  • iPad setup at all events with loaded for viewing  (as carried out at Abbey Road Studios event)

Aesthetically our branding, profile and target audiences go beautifully, hand-in-hand.

Currently as being independent, we are very flexible in fulfilling Squarespace’s interests and needs from such an agreement & look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Our signage catches eyes at all our events but also en-route to + from, grabbing attention of passers by & tourists alike. Many photos are taken of us at traffic lights, all in the same vein as your advertising on NYC yellow taxis!

Having been a 2 person business for several years, we are at a time where we are keen to grow our franchise and accelerate the concept, all whilst maintaining the highest quality of service and design standards. 

Squarespace would be our perfect companion.

Thank you for your time.
Ed Godden

Co-Founder & Managing Director

tgc sqsp logos black.jpg